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Dirdeiry & Partners – Practice Areas

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International Banking and Finance Law

Our experienced lawyers advise on every aspect of banking and finance law, and help lenders and borrowers to navigate the complex legal framework that is associated with lending and borrowing in Sudan. Sudan’s inability to participate in the global economy brings about a set of challenges that must be considered when drafting and negotiating the contracts that set out the terms of various debt-funding arrangements.
Our clientelle includes AFREXIMBANK, Central Development Bank and India Export and Import Bank.

Petroleum, Gas and Minerals Law

Oil, Gas and Minerals are an important part of the Sudanese economy; and we, at Dirdeiry and Partners, consider service to this industry to be a fundamental part of our practice. Our experienced lawyers have dealt with many aspects of the oil, gas and minerals business. We have assisted clients in their endeavors of exploration, development, and production of oil, gas and other minerals in various parts of Sudan.
Our top clients in this area include Ansan Petroleum (Sudan), Star Oil Petroleum and Exico Petroleum.

International Business Law

Our multi-disciplinary expertise of attorneys understand the intricacies of international business transactions and apply that knowledge in advising and helping clients resolve complex legal matters efficiently. International Business Law is based on an appreciation of foreign laws, sensitivity to cultural and communication differences and an awareness to the ever changing trade and business environment. Our multi-lingual team of attorneys with international experience and multi-cultural exposure puts the firm in an exceptionally strong position to represent and advise our international and national clients on the various International Business Law matters ranging from international sale of goods to multi-national investment.
In this regard we serve multilateral companies including ZTE (China), Baharat (India), Gulf Air (Bahrain) and DOROOB (Saudi Arabia).

Corporate Law

Recognized as a leading adviser on Corporate Law in Sudan, we are able to combine transnational skills with specialist expertise including; company law, partnership and business name laws, contract law, arbitration law, employment law, intellectual property law and taxation laws. This enables us to handle the various issues that may arise in a single transaction. We have numerous clients in this practice area that include local banking and leasing companies, telecommunication companies, broadcasting companies, industrialists, and Gum Arabic farming entrepreneurs.

International Commercial Arbitration

Dirdeiry and Partners is a leader in assisting clients with complex, cross-border dispute resolution. Our skilled team of international commercial arbitration lawyers represents clients in connection with all types of commercial disputes before a wide variety of international arbitral forums around the globe. In addition to representing clients in commercial arbitration, our lawyers also regularly serve as arbitrators and mediators in high-profile disputes.
Our managing partner was the agent of the government of Sudan to the Abyei delimitation arbitration at the permanent court of arbitration, The Hague.
We also advised on ICSID arbitration involving Sudan and deal routinely in UNCITRAL arbitrations as well as ICC arbitrations (Paris) and LCIA arbitrations (Dubai).

Constitutional, Administrative Law, and Others

We have an exceptional track record in various sectors including, but not limited to, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property, and International Boundary Delimitation. We also have particular strengths in highly regulated industries. Dirdeiry and Partners is a truly global adviser. Our corporate team works seamlessly with a worlwide community of partner law firms giving us access to a large number of countries.